No matter what pet you have, our towel off shampoo will ensure they are beautifully clean

Paws up from our feline friends at important shows

Feeling pampered and spotlessly clean with Nilaqua

Nilaqua - Deep Cleansing, Waterless Pet Shampoo & Natural Flea & Tick Repellent

Easily removes mud, odours and more without additional water or rinsing. Plus deters unwanted critters!

See our how to use video, after a dog gets muddy!

Reduce the chances of your pet getting ticks, with our "Towel Off" Pet Shampoo infused with natural oils known to deter critters!

NILAQUA® is so kind and gentle it can be used on a variety of animals

Why Choose Nilaqua?

All Nilaqua formulas are pH adjusted and free of petroleum derivatives and Diethanolamine, often abbreviated as DEA or DEOA and will not harm your dog if licked or swallowed.

Nilaqua is MADE in the UK, vet approved and water based! Which differentiates us from other brands.

Nilaqua can be used on horses, dogs, cats and rabbits. We pride ourselves on being an ethical company and do not test on animals.

Nilaqua is Cruelty Free


The Queen Mothers Hospital for Animals at Hadfield presented a paper at the recent BSAVA, mentioning Nilaqua as the cleaner of choice, especially for stress prone animals.


What can I say? Nilaqua is the best pet shampoo I have every used! I don't know how I ever attempted bathing my dog with out this.

Tip from our groomers - The furrier the animal the more you will have to apply and towel off. If you are working with faeces such as fox mess we advise you use gloves & pull off any clumps of mess first and then apply the liquid, massage and towel-off®. Repeat until fur is clean.

Nilaqua Pet Shampoo - b4&After

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