Meet Ester and Enid - Huge fans of Nilaqua Pet Shampoo - Hi there just want to message to let you know your shampoo is a godsend! Both my cockapoos love rolling in fox poo and dead animals 🤢🙈 but the shampoo works brilliantly at getting it off and it's literally a 5 minute job! Have recommended it on the cockapoo GB Facebook group and a lot of people are asking where is the best place to buy it? Rachael Jayne


L.Berry - Stonehouse: Our black and white cat mixes with a stray that we feed and you can physically see the fleas enjoying our cat, jumping from the stray. I used the Nilaqua Repellent Pet Shampoo and it was AMAZING! They literally disappeared (make sure you do it outside) the flea's didn't jump back on for at least 3 days. Now all I have to do is try and get hold of the stray and do them both at the same time!!!


"We found the Towel off flea repellent pet shampoo to be a great product and really easy for us to use in the kennel environment as it doesn't require the shower (which some dogs hate!) It does feel a bit weird when you first put it on as it looks like it will need to be washed off, but as you start to massage it in, you can see the suds start to disappear! Then when you towel dry it just looks like they've had a shower. The dogs smell lovely afterwards and look very shiny too. It's a great product and very easy and convenient to use" The Rehoming Centre Team, Greyhound Rescue Wales


I used the new Nilaqua natural flea, tick and fly repellent on Gaddy (my horse) and it worked amazingly well. I will now be taking this to shows, as it's perfect to clean their socks or if they roll and get a muddy spot. Better yet this saved me so much time and hassle and I think Gaddy actually prefers it to the hose at the yard! Emily Crossan -Head of Stable Services for LeMieux Dressage Championships


We do wash our dogs traditionally when they come in, however we found the shampoo really easy to use and worked incredibly well. This would be very useful prior to adoption and would certainly recommend. Many Tears Rescue


Meet Scooby!! Today Scooby tried Nilaqua towel off pet shampoo. Fantastic product so easy to use and no mess. Simply apply, rub in and towel off. Smells amazing to minty fresh with natural flea repellent  We couldn't be happier! Lisa Brooks


We went out on Sunday in the wind and rain on one of our local beaches and then a trail walk and Rocco was so dirty he couldn’t come with us for our final coffee stop!

He’s a big dog with a lot of coat as a Lassie collie and used a good half of large bottle but it worked so well

Took him some time to dry off even after two of us towel drying him off but his coat feels and looks so soft and he did small delicious too!
Welsh Country Magazine


The Nilaqua Towel off shampoo is a shampoo that does not require water. 3 easy steps to a clean dog. Apply, Massage and Towel Off.

Angus has had an ear infection recently and antibiotic drops have caused his ears to become greasy. This meant I couldn't get water in them, meaning no baths. Once he had finished his ear drops I decided to try out the Nilaqua Flea, Tick and Fly repellant shampoo on his ears.

I applied the shampoo to his ears and began to massage it into the fur. Angus has thick curly fur meaning sometimes shampoo doesn't get all the way through to the skin. Not this one! It turned into a really thick creamy lather which was great. Once I had massaged the shampoo in I towel dried him. All the time there was no water or shampoo getting into Angus ears.

Once towel dried his ears were still very slightly damp so I left them to dry naturally. 10 minutes later they were dry. To my surprise his ears felt super super soft and totally clean and grease free.

Nilaqua Towel Off Shampoo is perfect for camping trips or to even leave in the car if your dog likes to roll in smelly things.

Both shampoos smell great. One is Mulberry scented and one is Peppermint and Tea Tree.

The Nilaqua shampoo is a must have in my Campervan and I will make sure I always have some in as Angus and Eddie are mud monsters. I absolutely love the Nilaqua Towel Off Shampoo!!

I have recommended it to so many friends who's dogs like to roll in fox poo, dead birds etc and family and friends who like to camp.  Abigail Wrigley