A Towel Off Deep Cleansing Range of Waterless Pet Shampoos

Suitable for: Horses, Dogs, Cats and Rabbits.

This is no spray in perfume refresh, but a deep cleansing, water based pet shampoo that really removes dirt and odours and even fox mess! 

Ideal for showing, muddy paws whilst walking, camping holidays, fear of bathing, incontinence and more.

Mulberry Pet Shampoo

Just in case you forgot... Nilaqua's original pet shampoo comes in a wonderful mulberry fragrance and is a whizz at getting off fox mess, mud and odours. Ideal to keep in the boot of your car for trips out! Available in 200ml, 500ml and 1 Litre

Nilaqua-Pet-Shampoo-200ml s

Peppermint & Teatree

A worlds first... Nilaqua went onto develop another waterless shampoo, this time infused with natural oils, known to repel fleas, ticks and flies! Which is amazing for walking in long grass and socialising. Still cleans amazingly well too! Available in 200ml or 500ml



First of its kind

The first deep cleansing waterless shampoo that also deters unwanted critters.

Award Winners

Nilaqua® have been praised for their innovative designs and products. Winning Pharmacy awards, Manufacturing awards & even supplying the NHS with their human lines

Using natural oils

Your pets health is our top priority. That's why we don't use any strong chelmicals. Just natural, essential oils.

Simply Towel Off

Nilaqua® is so easy to use. Simply pour on the liquid and massage to a lather. Once the fur is wet, simply towel off to dry, removing dirt and grease.