What makes Nilaqua Pet Shampoo an ECO Alternative?

By using 'Towel off' pet shampoo, you can reduce your environmental impact by saving water... Our product is great for spot cleaning, reducing the amount of materials needed. In the UK we are really lucky to have running water, so it's easy to take it for granted. By making these little changes, it makes ourselves more environmentally conscious.

Other eco facts about Nilaqua pets...

  • Made in the UK, we manufacture our product in our Stroud HQ.
  • Our bottles use 25% recycled plastics
  • Infused with natural oils - replacing harsh treatment chemicals
  • Rinse Free Shampoo doesn't wash chemicals into rivers and sea
  • Water based Pet Shampoo and aerosol free
  • Bottles are available in 1 Litres, to minimise waste.